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I’m a United Kingdom based broadcaster and actor. I work for BBC network radio & freelance as a voice over artist and presenter elsewhere.

OVERVIEW I have been working professionally from the age of 11 – having attended Corona Stage School. Appearances on British TV, spells on the West End stage as well as a number of feature films followed. I have recently celebrated my 35th year in the business. 

My mother liked fringe

My mother liked fringe

THIS WEEK you will find me working on a huge broadcast project connected to the changes in social history of the 1950′s that will be broadcast throughout 2015 – With my voice over work, you may well hear me in a commercial or even here.  I’m also a member of the award winning media team with  Green Spark productions  where true audience engagement is king – my work with this team has included coaching in presentation techniques. (clients include international company Hines.)

YESTERYEAR My broadcasting work has been blessed to pick up a few awards, including being named BBC radio presenter of the year. My performance career has included a Royal variety performance and a trip to Cannes for the Palme D’Or. Other crumbs in the career loft include  - Grange Hill - Brimstone & Treacle - Octopussy – Dr Who – The Bill, Marmalade Atkins - To Serve Them all my days – Goodbye Mr Chips.


NOW  If I’m not on the radio or at an event & you fancied saying hello, Please use the contact page or grab me via twitter, if I’m not there, I’m most likely to be reading a voice over script, shouting about politics or looking at an empty tub of Jaffa Cakes.  


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Today you will find me working with BBC Radio 4 as well as talking engagement with clients of Green Spark Productions and of course I'm Voice Over man